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Arts4All Florida showcases artists with disabilities through our Artist Registry. All art forms are represented including visual art, performing art, and literary work. Artist Registry members receive:

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Photo of David Barrero
Painting of a lion by David Barrero
David Barrero
Visual Artist
Phone: 786-234-4941

My name is David Barrero. I'm 25 years old and I have Autism. I love animals. When I discovered I had the ability to paint them, I was able to bring to life my two passions.  Creating and selling my art, gives me a sense of independence; a sense of achievement.  My goal is to be a productive member of society; and contribute my ART and inspiration to others.

David Dolce
Visual Artist
Phone: 917-797-0257

"I live in South Beach and moved here from Maryland where I was born and  grew up.  I have been drawing since I was a young boy and most recently started using what I call "psychedelic colors".  My work is completely unplanned - as the colors and shapes come to me I use crayon or magic markers to put my thoughts on paper.  My other love is music especially artists from the 50's and 60's".


David Emley
Visual Artist

 An intense study of the sculptural styles, primarily of Alberto Giacometti along with the unique styles of many primitive cultures, spiced by a mild fascination with the imaginative spirit behind the United States Space Program, has melded an optimistic yet somewhat realistic energy. This energy, which attempts to transcend the boundaries of awareness by fusing time, space, and matter, has collectively been referred to as "Davism".
Davism was borne from the awareness of human limitations-mental and physical, placed upon the spirit of individuals stricken with Cerebral Palsy. Davism attempts to emerge from and evolve out of this previous stage of development - beyond the limits set up by society and physical conditioning. David Emley

David Khalil
Visual Artist
Phone: 813-908-5915

David Khalil is a mosaic artist for 36 years, and has been teaching mosaics for 15 years.

David is specialized in custom design, fabrication, installation of mosaics for interior and exterior, residential, and commercial.

David offers mosaic classes workshops for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. You will make your own dream come true, in an awesome 3 Dimensional mosaic work. Fees are reasonable, including all needed materials and free use of tools. You will learn it as easy as A, B, C,

Locations contact:

a)    Westchase Park, 9791 Westchase Dr., Tampa, FL 33626  Tel:813-964-2948.

b)    The Old Hyde Park Art Center (TRA) 705 Swann  Ave, Tampa, FL Tel:      813.251.3780,or

c)    David Khalil, Tel: 813-908-5915.

Please visit: and

David L Godbee
Visual Artist
Phone: 706-504-1921

I began oil-on-canvas in 1990.  I've painting plein air in Giverny 1992.  I fell a long way in 2001 and landed on my head.  I have an invisible disability and I thank GOD ever day...I'm 65.

Doris Bonaparte
Visual Artist

Doris Bonaparte is a friendly and helpful wizard of architecture, engineering bird's eye view landscape designs and arrangements of powerfully colored grid-work all about the canvas. People, buildings, vehicles, clocks and art supplies populate the worlds she creates. Stories of travel, friendship and everyday life are injected into her small or large-scale paintings, drawings and sculptures. Doris' art bewilders the viewer with an alternative version of three dimensional perspective. Her highly expressive compositions of bold lines and brilliant colors are mathematical yet chaotic, simple yet complex. Truly understanding her work may not be so easy, but loving it is no problem at all.

Dorothy Joan Riley
Visual Artist

Dorothy Joan Riley is a member of the Coast Guard Fine Art Program. She is a retired Clinical Social Worker who spent many years in the child abuse arena, a field that she understands both from her professional training and from personal experience. She is a self-taught artist who has won many juried competitions. Her artwork is displayed in several public collections throughout the country. Dorothy is also a writer and published the novel, “The Purging of Monica Campbell”. In addition to her art and writing, Dorothy edits several newsletters and a news magazine for the Coast Guard Auxiliary, an organization in which she currently serves as a volunteer.

Eduardo A. LaChall Bencomo
Visual Artist
Phone: 727-698-1755

Eduardo was born in Cuba and is the grand nephew of famous Cuban artist, Jose A. Bencomo Mena.  He lived in Connecticut until September of 2010 when he moved to St. Petersburg, FL.  Eduardo works in glass, granite, oils on canvas, and art on paper.  He sold his first piece of art in 1975.
Please click here to read an article about Ed in the Pinellas Reader.

Photo of Elizabeth Sanchez
Elizabeth Sanchez
Performing Artist
Phone: 305-785-6652

Elizabeth was born in Cuba in 1993. It was a very difficult time. During the birth of Elizabeth, there was a power outage in the hospital for more than 15 minutes and electricity generators did not respond. As a result, Elizabeth was in a coma the first thirty days of her life.

Elizabeth's life has been an example of perseverance and hope. As a young child, she began singing in the choir at her church, Los Pinos Nuevos in Placetas, Cuba. She moved to the Dominican Republic at the age of 4, where she continued performing at church, very often. Elizabeth vocal qualities were well received in each church's presentation. At 7 years old, Elizabeth realized that music was her passion and began to pursue, under the guidance of her parents, the study of vocal music. By the age of 11, Elizabeth and her family moved to the United States where she continued her church performances at Baptist Church Estrella de Belen in Hialeah, Florida. In high school, she took choir classes and was accepted into a vocal music magnet program at Michael Krop High School in Aventura, Florida. At 18, Elizabeth started her university studies at Barry University - vocal music major. During her studies at Barry, she actively participates in many choir performances. As a soloist, Elizabeth is working on her first album, a gospel music album. She is the writer of her songs. She dreams of touching people's hearts and minds through her voice and her lyrics.

You can watch Elizabeth's Senior Vocal Recital by clicking on the following link.

Photo of Emily Michael
Literary piece by Emily Michael
Emily Michael
Visual Artist

Emily K. Michael is a blind poet, musician, and writing instructor from Jacksonville, FL. Her poetry and essays have appeared in Wordgathering; The Hopper; Artemis Journal; The Deaf Poets Society, Compose Journal; The Fem, Rogue Agent; Disability Rhetoric; Breath & Shadow; Bridge Eight; Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics; I Am Subject Stories: Women Awakening, BREVITY'S Nonfiction Blog, and Mosaics (Vol. 2). Her manuscript Natural Compliance won Honorable Mention in The Hopper's Prize for Young Poets. Emily's work centers on the themes of ecology, disability, feminism, and music. She challenges the divisions between human and nonhuman experiences—especially how a more-than-human world contributes to music and language. She develops grammar workshops for multilingual learners and participates in local writing festivals.

Eric Nelson
Visual Artist

Eric Nelson is a highly motivated ball of wonder who amazes us with his artistic endeavors everyday. When Eric is making art he talks about what room he wants to clean-up and when he's cleaning he talks about the subject of his next piece of work. Obsessed with iconic vehicles, classic buildings and current events, Eric builds incredible cardboard sculptures and intriguing paintings of his current obsessions. His work is simple and direct and comes across as a sort of stylized folk-like pop art. He always operates on all cylinders because his next subject is waiting right there for him to finish.

George Molvie
Visual Artist
Phone: 904-610-6836

My name is George.  I live in Riverview, FL and have lived in Florida for almost 17 years.

Gianna Gonzalez
Visual Artist

23 year old Ms. Gianna Gonzalez was born in Miami and currently lives in Tavares, FL.  She speaks three languages fluently including Portuguese, Spanish and English.  Gianna writes spiritual and gospel inspired poetry for fun.

Photo of Harry Batten
Harry Batten
Visual Artist

I have been a lifelong activist in my community. My career has included everything from E-8 Master Sargent in the Florida National Guard, Licensed Optician, Licensed Body Wrapper, Licensed Insurance Adjuster, CEO for a distribution warehouse, Certified Building Contractor, Medical Account Executive and now after becoming legally blind, a full time motivator. Past Board of Director for Professional Opticians of Florida, Leadership Ocala Youth, Historic Ocala Preservation Society. I started painting in the fall of 2016 after being encouraged by blind artist John Bramblitt from Denton Texas

Photo of artist Heather M. Forster
Artwork by Heather M. Forster
Heather M. Forster
Visual Artist
Phone: 772.634.3879

My name is Heather M. Forster, sculptor.  The disability began when I was fifteen, my first diagnosis was Paranoid Schizophrenia; now today it is considered Bi-polar . For many years, roughly fifty years; I had a very, very difficult time with myself.  Thankfully; I am free of most of the difficulties of the disorder.  I continue to take my medications and see my doctor.  I am enjoying creating beautiful sculptures.  I am self-taught.  The process I use is paper mache'.  I have many future ideas for sculptures and am now appearing in two galleries. I know I will have a fruitful career as a sculptor.  This is my life's purpose; to be a sculptor.  I am and plan on continuing to champion social advancements for all peoples and the World.  I am truly happy today. I appreciate being able to tell you a little bit about me and  maybe contribute some positive encouragement for all people that are having a disability issue.   

Jack "Mr. B." Beverland
Visual Artist
Phone: 352-668-3047

 Mr. B is a self-taught southern folk artist who has found peace of mind in his unique and special kind of one of a kind art.  Born into a poor family in 1939, his mother moved him and his older brother to Florida after his father died.  Their existence was meager but the experience gave him a strong drive for success.  Later in life Mr. B learned there was no such thing as "corporate loyalty" after being forced into retirement, leaving Mr. B. lost and angry.  Mr. B. conquered the angry beast within through southern folk art.  Mr. B.  portrays the simple life - the life that most of us want to live - the days of our childhood - the dreams we once had and most importantly, the way we would all like it to be.

Janet E.
Visual Artist
Phone: 727-793-2792

I was born in Clearwater, FL.  I live at home with my parents and my brother.  After I graduated from high school I started to go to Harborside Gallery to draw and paint.  I paint with watercolor and acrylic and sell my artwork at Harborside Studios.  I work with multimedia including plexiglas and bamboo.  I also do jewelry and pottery.

Jason Rosenstock with a piece of his artwork
Jason Rosenstock
Visual Artist

My name is Jason Rosenstock. I live in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. I am a physically disabled visual artist. I started to paint while attending middle school in Virginia Beach, Va. Painting allowed me to channel my positive energy and provided me an outlet to express myself in ways that I was unable to in other aspects of my life. My teachers in high school and college were inspirations for me. They noticed my talent for painting and encouraged me to continue, and with their guidance I learned many styles and techniques. Today I continue to study art at The Fat Village Center For The Arts in Fort Lauderdale. I have learned many new techniques working with the teachers there and my work has immensely improved. Painting helps me to relax and allows me to focus my energy in a fulfilling way. When I begin a new painting it is like having a goal to work towards. Many times the end result of a painting is a surprise to me. After spending so much time and energy on a project it is often hard to envision what the end result will be. I enjoy watching the progression of a painting from start to finish, seeing the layers build up and the objects take shape is truly satisfying. I often feel like a long journey is ending when I get close to finishing a painting, and many times I'm not ready to move on to something else right away.

Jennifer Hays
Visual Artist

My name is Jenny, and I've recently graduated with an Art degree from FGCU.  Creating visual art is a passion of mine, and I love to share it by teaching others various techniques and skills.  My favorite media include Printing, Photography, and Painting.

Jessica Gross
Visual Artist

My name is Jessica and I am an Art Therapy Major at The University of Tampa. I will be receiving my degree in December of 2016. My brain injury occurred in November of 2011 when I was a 17 year old senior in high school. I struggle sometimes but I do not let my disabilities hold me back.Some day I hope to be an art therapist and work with children who have disabilities.