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The Arts4All Florida/ArtThread Modern Skills Interactive Gallery 

(photo credit - Margaret Zabor)

Transformation by Margaret Zabor


Imagine an art gallery where you can respond to the art by hanging your own work next to anything that inspires you. Someone else can come along and do the same, and that begins an art-to-art conversation - an “art thread.”  Fusing a gallery with an online graffiti wall, the ArtThread conversation goes beyond language and cultural boundaries, connecting everyone through creative expression. This is the essence of the Arts4All Florida - ArtThread Interactive Online Gallery.




What is it?

The Arts4All Florida/ArtThread Modern Skills Interactive Gallery - a place for you to connect with your friends by making and sharing art online. This Gallery is for you - use it to unleash your creativity and explore the world of computer art and graphic design!


Sunburst by Margaret Zabor








How do I get started?

Square to Circle Growing by Margaret Zabor

Start by registering, then add art from your computer or make art online. Everything goes into My Gallery, and from there you can start or respond to a thread. Choose All Art to browse the art or choose Thread View to see the "thread" of an art conversation, and become a part of our Arts4All Florida community!  Step by Step instructions




Interested in transition and careers in the arts?

Welcome by Margaret Zabor


There are so many careers available in the arts - the opportunities are incredible and extensive! Here are a few links to get you started: Performing Arts Career Guide, Visual Arts Career Guide, Exploring Arts Careers.




I’m a classroom teacher, is this applicable?



YES, absolutely though our Modern Skills for Success Artist in Residence Program, which unites online ArtThread technology and creative expression. Developed primarily for middle and high school students, this 8-week artist in residence program will provide the student incremental yet substantial steps toward self-reliance.  Program Description Flyer.






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Arts4All Florida ArtThread Interactive Gallery is generously funded by the ArtThread Foundation.